We want to make sure that every move is as easy, positive, and stress-free as possible. We are passionate about our work, as well as the quality care for our customers and their belongings. We treat every item that we move, as if it were our own. However, accidents can happen, even as we try to prevent them. This is why it is very important to consider purchasing insurance. The moving insurance is an additional coverage that protects your items, and the possible accidental damage. Below are some frequently asked questions, and answers, for your convenience.

Doesn’t my homeowners/rental insurance cover my items if damaged?

No! Homeowners and Rental insurance policies almost always ONLY cover your household items while at your residence, not while they are in the movers possession.

What about my irreplaceable items?

Items that you feel are “irreplaceable”, whether it be photos, videos, collectibles, baby/wedding clothes or items, breakable items, etc. will be covered by the insurance but should be packed in a separate box/container and brought to the movers attention. These items will be handled with extra attention and will be packed and handled carefully, as well as your other belongings. You may also choose to leave this box out, to be packed last, or in your personal vehicle.

How much is the insurance going to cost?

Your mover is going to be reliable for the items that they are transporting, however, there are different “levels” of coverage. Depending on which level of coverage you choose, some may cost more or less, and you will receive more or less reimbursement for each one.

You as a shipper have 2 options available:
A. A household goods carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $.60 per pound per article
    unless the carrier and shipper agree, in writing, to a greater level of liability.
B. Replacement cost protection: Carrier and shipper agree that carriears liability shall be governed by this subparagraph:
This is not not insurance
Price list:
Cover up to $5000  charge $40 with deductible of $250
Cover up to $7500  charge $80 with deductible of $500
Cover up to $10000  charge $120 with deductible of $750
Cover up to $12500  charge $160 with deductible of $1000

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