How can I book my move?

The most efficient way is too book though our website
1. Three easy steps:
2. Choose your service
3. Fill out your information
Pick desired move date
Please click here to start https://niceguysmovers.com/book-a-move/

How can I get a free quote for my move?

The most efficient way is to schedule a virtual meeting (via Zoom) with our Quote Specialist. On average meetings take less than 15 minutes.
Please click here to start  https://niceguysmovers.com

What are Nice Guys Movers Hour of Business?

Monday – Friday 8:00 thru 8:00
Saturday 8:00 thru 8:00
Sunday 8:00 thru 8:00

What does Nice Guys Movers not move?

* We do not move:
*Large commercial grade appliances
*Pool Tables
*Pianos (grand/baby grand)
*Hot tubs
*Mobile homes
*Any flammable chemicals including gasoline, paint, diesel, etc.
*Any poisons.
*Machinery and industrial equipment heavier than 300 pounds.
*Illegal substances including weed.
*Firearms unless they are safely placed in a lockbox or safe.
*Any stuff with mold.

How soon should I book my move?

Schedule your move as earlier as possible regardless of the time of the year, but in case you only have a short period of time before your relocation, we will work with you to come as close as possible to your desired moving dates.
Remember that booking early means, that you’ll have a greater chance to schedule your move with your preferred moving company. If you wait too long to start the process, the company may not be available.
Book Your Move Today https://niceguysmovers.com/book-a-move/

Does Nice Guys Movers require a deposit?

We do require a deposit when booking your move and reserving your day. The deposit amount will be accredited to your final bill at the end of your moving day.

What is our hourly rates?

Our prices vary depending on our customers needs, what day of the week, and how many man in the crew. Call for details, we have the most affordable rates

How do I prepare for my move?

Make sure your home is ready for a moving crew. Move anything off the porch and walkways that may obstruct movement of your goods out of the home. Take doors of the hinges if you know certain items will not fit through. Remove all small throw rugs from traffic areas that could cause crew members to trip or slip.
Having some cold water on hand for the crew, especially on a hot summer day, would be very appreciated.
If you do packing by yourself make sure that all items, of course not including furniture, is boxed up, and no loose items or clothing are located on a couch, chairs, bed and so on. Otherwise, we will need to ask you where you would like those items to be placed – that is extra time = extra money.

How Can I Save on My Move?

Keep your place organized: remove all miscellaneous items from your furniture and shelves (pictures, souvenirs, perfume, charges, etc.)
Pack fragile and not expensive items by yourself; otherwise, we will have to pack them, We can do this, of course. However, we will treat a $15 picture frame as your $5000 canvass, which means we will require to spend some time and supplies for packing = your money.
Take care of parking spots at all places where you need our movers to stop: long walking distance equals more time for our movers to complete the move.
Plan your move as early as possible: we tend to give lower rates for the days when we are not “almost fully booked.”
Schedule a free quote typically 2-3 weeks prior too your move. We currently offer virtual estimate via (Zoom Meetings/ on average 15 min)

Can you give me a exact quote for my move?

Due to the vast amount of variables on moves (walk time, stairs, elevators, etc) we are able to give you a close estimate. Yet unable to give an exact quote for small to large moves, unless you are provided with a Do Not Exceed

What methods of payment does Nice Guys Moves Except?

We currently accept cash or all major credit cards.

Do you have a minimum number of hours

Yes, we offer two different packages.
* Labor Only jobs, Pod Load/Unload, Truck Load, Packing, etc.
* Full service, Movers & Truck
That makes us the perfect choice for smaller moves that you would normally do yourself.
Minimums vary depending on Service and Location
Check our website to see the current minimums below

Can I leave anything in my drawers and dressers for my move?

All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage. It is recommended that you pack all items into boxes and bins, and leave the drawers empty. We can assist you with packing. We recommend packing jewelry, passports and other very valuable items by yourself. If you want us to pack and transport such items we will need to have an inventory list filled in and signed with you upon pickup and sign it off upon delivery.

How are Nice Guys Movers Employees trained

We use full time movers that have been trained to give the best service, quality and second to none customer service. At all of our locations from Sonoma, Napa, Marin, & San Diego County

What happens if something gets damaged while moving with Nice Guys?

Please contact us at [email protected]
Please inform us of first & last name in order too find your file
Send in any and all pictures that will help us move forward with your claim
Once all proper correspondence is finished we will contact you back
We follow all California and Federal state laws, which states too settle at .60/pound per article if needed. Or Repair if possible, (Most customers are very pleased with how we handle damages)

Do you unload or load if I have my own rental truck?

Yes, we offer a 2 Hour minimum on all labor jobs!

Do we work on Holidays?

Thanksgiving , Memorial and Easter day, our rates are double. We do not work on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Does Nice Guys Movers sell boxes?

We do sell boxes. Call for more information.

What supplies are brought for my upcoming move?

Nice Guys Movers brings dollies, shrink wrap, tools, box dollies, straps/ ratchets and moving blankets for every job.

Do we give discounts for Seniors?

We have a 10% discount for seniors

Why do you need written confirmation/email for every job?

This is for documentation purposes and gives us all the pertinent information to make sure that your move goes perfectly. Having this information in writing secures your moving date as well as provides all necessary information about our rates and services.

Can I ride in the cab of the truck?

Unfortunately we can’t allow anyone in our trucks.

When do I sign the contract with Nice Guys Movers?

Once you Book your move thru our website or speaking with one of our customer service representatives.
We will send you a Move Confirmation email attached is a link with the Terms & Conditions to sign (Required)
It is your responsibility to read and understand the information on the Policy, Terms & Conditions Agreement before you sign it. It also specifies the terms and conditions for payment of the total charges and the maximum amount required to be paid at the time of delivery if you are moving under a non-binding estimate or a flat rate bid. Information regarding the valuation of your shipment and the amount the mover will be liable for in the event of loss or damage is also shown.

What is double driving time?

Per the Bureau’s [Bureau of Household Goods and Services] guidelines, all time spent on the road between the origin (pickup location) and the destination (delivery address) is doubled. This means that 30 minutes spent on the road between the two locations would count as an hour. Double driving time is charged if the distance between the locations is in the range between 5 and 100 miles. You can learn more about double driving and other rules on the Burea’s web-site: https://bhgs.dca.ca.gov/

How do you protect my furniture?

We use European wrapping and packing techniques to ensure your furniture arrives just as you remembered it at your previous residence. All furniture items are blanketed and shrink-wrapped for maximum protection.