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Testimonials & Meet Your Crew

Nice Guys Movers are true to their word, they’re REALLY NICE GUYS! They showed up on time, worked their butts off and spent extra time organizing my furniture with no extra charge. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who is moving.

Nancy Niles, Windsor CA
April 28th, 2016


I had the worst move and the best movers every. There was over 50 steps on New Condo my daughter and I purchased. I did the math and Will & Benjamin (the movers) climbed over 6000 steps to complete my move. They did it with a smile on their face the whole time. Amazing! I do and would recommend Nice Guys Moving Service to anyone who wants there move to go well.

Kate Buress, Windsor CA
April 14th, 2016


Nice Guys Movers took care of my family while I was overseas. My wife said they were not only polite and diligent but as their motto states really “nice guys”.

Jim Green, San Rafeal CA
April 24th, 2016


Thank you Gentlemen. I’m a Pediatrician in San Francisco and have little if any extra time in a given week We moved a 4+ bedroom house from Stinson Beach in Marin to Santa Rosa. The movers had smiles on their faces when they packed up and left and asked us several times if there was anything else they could do to our satisfaction.

Holly Davis, San Francisco CA
March 22nd, 2016


I originally booked the Nice Guys movers to move us out of our two bedroom condo and into two separate trucks: one to go to storage and one to go our live-in-the-meantime hitch to Vallejo. Steven was very responsive to lots of questions that I had to lock down the logistics of the move. Kyle, Will and Trvis were very helpful, quick and professional with getting all of our stuff moved and taken apart in a very timely manner. 

Serene Bader, Novato CA
April 1th, 2016


Very pleasant and Nice of-course. Benjamin was my contact and he handled everything over email and sent me a estimate write away. Benjamin also came and did a walk through. The final price was about $50 higher but well worth it. My movers were great too, I can’t remember their names, sorry. Thanks I will recommend you to my friends.

Monica Higgins, Sebastopol CA
March 27th, 2016


I would have to say I have never had a better experience with a moving company. That being said, the final price was about 20% more than I was expecting. The job was hourly so I can’t blame the guys to much, they did work very hard. I would say maybe management could have a sliding scale it’s hard enough to just be able to afford to pay your rent in Sonoma County.

Hogan Family, Santa Rosa CA
March 18th, 2016


One of four children it was up to me to pack up my parents stuff and put it in storage since everyone else lives out of state. My parents will be transitioning to assisted living. Needless to say It was a big job. My chiropractor had used Nice Guys Moving and said they were very professional and friendly. He was right. Kyle & Larkin were my movers and they did a great job and worked their butts off. I just wanted to reward these to young men with a review given how much they helped on a not so fun day. Thanks again.

Joshua Burnside, Fairfax CA
April 9th, 2016


I would have to say I have never had a better experience with a moving company. That being said, the final price was about 20% more Thank you guys. My family and I were so relived when you showed up on time and moved all the stuff, while we sat back and watched. I will call you when we move back to Oregon. Thanks for telling us all the best places to visit in the Bay Area.

Artemis Lang, Rohnert Park CA
March 15th, 2016


I hired a moving company from Groupon and they SUCKED. I called Mr. Nice Guy Mover and all was well. I was very hesitant about hiring movers to transport my personal belongings, but from the first call to Benjamin at the office, to the final box from Stephen and Michael, the entire experience was seamless, and professional. Your staff put me at ease, and made a stressful day and process, much easier. Thank you.

Daniel Fair, Forestville CA
March 28th, 2016


From a three story home filled with 36 years of stuff to a one story mobile home could have been a traumatic move. Nice Guys Movers, William, Larkin, Rob, Dylan and Jesse made it as easy as possible. They were all good natured and friendly. We recommend them highly and wish the company continued success. Anita and Mike”

Mike P., Concord, CA
May 11, 2016


The rental market in Sonoma County is as NIGHTMARE!! and when I got the OK for my family and I to move into our new home we had only 7 days to move our of the home we were in our pay a hole month’s rent ($3800) for nothing. I called around and came across these guys. First of all they answer the phone, I think I called like 5 companies and not one had a person answer. A couple very friendly and good looking for that matter young men showed up on time and as agreed moved all of our stuff. Awesome!! The charges were as agreed and they did a great job. Jacob was the head guy and was very pleasant. Thank you and would recommend.

Violet R., Sebastopol, CA
May 8, 2016


I was given nice guys phone number from my title officer at Chicago Title in Santa Rosa. It’s now been 10 years, and 3 houses later and I have used nice guys each time. Punctional, professional and ofcourse NICE!! Well and do recommend. Thank you again.

Connie L., Windsor, CA
April 18, 2016


Took all day and night, but Benjermin and the crew didn’t give up. They started at 7am and went home at 1:00am. I did end up having to pay a bunch of overtime which was not expected and expensive. The movers were great though. Much thanks

Karen Rebecah S., Tiburon, CA
May 2, 2016


Two NICE young men showed up and did a great job. They moved my friend and came recommended. Thank you very much. Can’t remember their names they were only here a couple hours. Would reccommend.

Sara R., Forestville, CA March 30, 2016


The Nice Guys Movers are an amazing moving company. Benjamin spent his lunch hour teaching my daughter some music on her guitar!!! They have impeccable service and were a great help. I am a single mother with three kids and they made my move from San Rafael to Petaluma feel like a breeze. Without their help I don’t think I could’ve accomplished what we did in the amount of time that we did. They are polite, hard-working, and efficient workers. Benjamin Jordan and William Palmer were experts at their job and accommodated me and my family masterfully. I would definitely recommend this moving company in the future!

Jessica G., Sebastopol, CA
April 5, 2016


They truly are nice guys. Benjamin and his crew were very pleasant to be around and were also very good movers. Very friendly and full of smiles, great young guys.

Sandy G., Oakmont, CA
April 15, 2016


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I called and from the minute Ashley answered the phone I had no doubt I would be using them. I needed to move with 1 day notice and she said “no problem”. I told her I needed to do this on a budget and she explained the pricing which was more than fair. Kyle & Will arrived right on time and when I told them I would really like to stay at around 2 hours if at all possible they said they would do their best and then they started running! NICE GUYS R AWESOME!!!

Harley K., San Rafeal, CA
April 5, 2016


Everything went smoothly with our move. They were very efficient, careful and polite. They didn’t take a single break and worked 8 hours straight. Nothing got damaged and it was fairly priced compared to the market rates. The response time was almost instantaneous and I have absolutely no complaints. Highly Recommended.

Eric S., Santa Rosa, CA
January 7, 2016


Ben and Jacob did the best job ever. I moved yesterday on the 6th, the day before labor day. The crew showed up and hour late :(. So that’s why the 4 stars guys, sorry. Besides that the best moving experience of my life. They filled a 26ft truck 4 TIMES! Finally at 4:00am we finished. You guys have a great LABOR DAY you DESERVE IT. My husband thanks you too even though he was asleep by the time you finished. P.S. You guys left one of your dollies here. I can drop it off give me a call or emaill. Thank again Nice Guys.

Christina P.,Napa, CA
September 7, 2015


They did a great job. Courteous, Careful and conscientious. I would recommend and use them again.

Evan G., Cotati, CA
September 8, 2016


I am a traveling nurse and recently moved into a small apartment in Santa Rosa CA. I ordered my furniture from a local store. After they told me the OUTRAGEOUS amount of $$$$ they wanted to charge me for delivery I looked for a local mover. I called Careful Moving from the internet and they were not there, rude when they called back, and pretty much awful. A co-worker (after listening to me complain about my predicament ) had mentioned she had a very positive with Nice Guys. I called. They answered the phone. They booked my move. They completed the move. They did a great job. Thank you very much!!

Diana P.,Santa Rosa, CA
March 3, 2016


We recently moved to Santa Rosa and used these guys to help us unload a large UHaul truck. I called them very close to our moving day, and they were able to fit us in and accommodate our schedule for closing on the new house. The woman on the phone was professional and accommodating, and I appreciated the reminder calls before the moving date. Two great young guys showed up as scheduled. We went over paper work and they got right to work. It was an extremely hot day, and we had a ton of furniture and boxes of tools and books. They worked quickly and efficiently without complaint. They were careful with our items, especially the antiques and fragile items. The truck was unloaded quicker than I expected.

Oweing F., Santa Rosa, CA
September 3, 2015


Our movers were punctual and and efficient, and they came in well under the estimate! All of my exchanges with Jacob & Benjamin were very pleasant and professional, and we got the distinct impression that they genuinely cared about providing us with quality service at a fair price. Here’s a quick note which might serve both as a helpful caution to others and as an indication of Nice Guys Movers quality customer service and good ethics: Our movers were overly speedy, in an effort to save us money, and ended up damaging a relatively nice night-stand. When I contacted Jacob about the damage he immediately set my mind at ease and assured me that they would have their restoration expert fix the piece.

Bonnie P., Santa Rosa, CA
August 13, 2015